OC Bounce House hereby guarantees that the bounce house being used for the services listed above is in good condition and meets reasonable client expectations. Additionally, the bounce house been maintained according to manufacturer specifications, and can be reasonably expected to be safe and reliable. However, OC Bounce House cannot make any guarantee regarding unforeseen breakdowns or defects during the OC Bounce service period. A 50% deposit of total cost is required to reserve Cirrus Bounce house. This deposit is 100% refundable up 48 hours prior to event.  In the event the Cirrus Bounce house is not ready to be picked up at the appointed time a $75.00 per hour cost will be automatically applied.

OC Bounce House assumes responsibility for providing a suitable Bounce House delivered and set up by an experienced OC Bounce house employee for the day and hours listed in this contract. OC Bounce House will not be held liable for delays or cancellations of bounce house services due to weather or other unforeseeable events.

All guests shall be allowed to occupy the bounce house on the day and hours listed in this contract. All guests will comply with the following rules at all times during the bounce house rental time period:

  • Adult supervision is required
  • No Shoes
  • No Food/drink/gum
  • No sharp Objects/ hot objects
  • No paint/ silly string/ glitter/ confetti
  • No wrestling
  • No Overcrowding

Monitor the device

  • Observe device inflation.
  • Keep public at least 5 feet from the doors, blower, electrical cords and any external power supply
  • Regularly check the anchoring to make sure it stays secure.
  • if someone is bleeding, or gets sick and vomits, or secretes any noticeable body fluid while using inflatable instruct all patrons to immediately exit inflatable. Inflatables should not be used until surfaces are cleaned with anon-corrosive antibacterial cleaning solution
  • Ensure patrons are not climbing or hanging from the outside walls, on top of mesh / covers or any area not intended for play.
  • lessee acknowledges / agrees that the Cirrus Bounce House is not to be moved from the setup location by anyone.
  • Ensure patrons are not flipping, diving, and using aggressive physical contact on the device. Failure to follow through with this rule can lead to serious harm or death
  • If loss of electrical power occurs, talk calmly to those inside and ask them to exit the bounce house. The inflatable will slowly start to deflate but you will have sufficient time to help the riders to quickly and safely exit the ride.

Customer agrees to pay for any damages stemming from their actions or the actions of their guests including, but not limited to ripped or damaged bounce house. These charges will be applied to credit card, on file with OC Bounce House. If bounce house it broken from not following the rules customer will be responsible for the cost of our Bounce house which is $1200.00.

Customer agrees to read and sign both contract and waiver prior to event. Customer understands that we have the right to refuse drop off of bounce house if waiver and contract are not signed prior to or at delivery of bounce house.

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold OC Bounce House harmless against any and all claims of liability or damages stemming from OC Bounce House providing bounce house rental services pursuant to the terms of this contract.

Should Customer breach this contract at any time, OC Bounce House reserves the right to immediately cancel or cease bounce house without notice or refund and shall be fully entitled to reimbursement of any legal fees incurred in upholding this contract.

This bounce house rental contract shall be upheld and enforced according to the laws of California. Any disputes or legal proceedings related to this contract shall be filed in a court located in Mission Viejo, California.



PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING carefully before signing this liability waiver.

On behalf of myself, the children in my care, and any guests that I invite to use equipment rented from OC Bounce House, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of this liability waiver and assumption of risk as identified below:

  1. I, the children in my care, and my invited guests who will participate in any OC Bounce House Inflatable activities are physically, mentally and emotionally fit to participate in such activities.
  2. I understand that OC Bounce House staff does not provide an attendant and is not responsible for participant actions or injuries. I will ensure all invited guest are aware of this release and consent to these terms prior to allowing them to participate in this rented equipment.

Liability Waiver, Release, and Indemnification: I understand and acknowledge that this Liability Waiver,

Release, and Indemnification discharges OC Bounce House, and its staff, members, and employees from all claims, damages, losses, injuries and expenses incurred while rental equipment is in the customer’s possession. Community Recreation exercises precaution in keeping its equipment in good working condition and I certify that the rented equipment has been inspected by me and found to be in good working condition. I do hereby acknowledge that I understand the risks associated with the use of this equipment and I release, indemnify, forever discharge and hold harmless OC Bounce House, and its successors and assigns from any and all liability claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from my possession and use of OC Bounce House equipment.

Assumption of the Risk: There are risks, both known and unknown, using any inflatable or amusement device, including, but not limited to physical injury, emotional injury, distress, paralysis and even death. The risk of serious injury from participating in OC Bounce house inflatable activities, although minimal, does exist, as it does in all play and amusement activities. I understand and acknowledge that this release discharges OC Bounce House, from injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the possession and use of OC Bounce house equipment. I recognize and understand that rental and use of OC Bounce House equipment may involve inherently dangerous activities.

Insurance: I understand that insurance for liability, health, and medical or disability coverage in any way related to the rental of equipment under this agreement is the sole responsibility of participant(s).

Other: I expressly agree that this release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by federal law.

I agree that in the event that any clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this release which shall continue to be enforceable.